Statistical Package 1

Statistics are an important part of the development for all businesses and crucial in many projects and problem-solving activities. In this course, you will learn the basic statistical skills that enable you to produce fact-based data for various types of decisions

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We start with some brief information about the format of this education. This is a digital course with pre-recorded material. This means that you can complete this course whenever you want and wherever you are if you have access to an internet connection. The advantages of a digital course are several. You decide the pace yourself and can pause and repeat sections if necessary. Your level of knowledge is continuously verified with built-in questionnaires.

The course includes downloadable material that will help you during and after the course implementation. In most courses, there are also exercises that we first go through and which you can then repeat as needed.

Intro video


Data management is the basis for problem solving & improvement work

Problem-solving can only be done effectively if we understand the problem! For this, we must be able to demonstrate the effect of the problem and who is affected.

With the help of data and statistics, we can create a fact-based basis that helps us understand the problem better. This basis can also be used further in the process when the causes behind the problem are to be analyzed.

From the course content

The course, which focuses on basic understanding, goes through many statistical concepts.

Statistical expressions

System support



Standard deviation



Control limits

Tolerance limits


Confidence interval

Hypothesis tests

Regression analysis


Report writing



This course can be completed in Swedish or English. This product page is for the English version.

Customer reviews

We collect reviews from course participants, and we publish these on the website for each course. Many of the reviews about this training can also be found in the reviews for the Six Sigma Green-Belt course package where Statistics is a central part.

Below you will find reviews written in direct connection to the course "Statistical Package 1".

Mithaq Hanno
Production Engineer , VCE
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An educational and effective education. You have a big advantage with the e-learning course that you can repeat lessons several times. I recommend it.
Linnéa Johansson
Global Logistics Engineer, Scania CV
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It's a great course!
Jonas Bergman
Problem manager IT, Trafikverket
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Good content.
Bijan Habibi
Ingenjör, Inmotion Technologies AB
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Very well thought out, stylish education with a focus on the important aspects of the entire education. Highly recommend and look forward to more similar trainings.

Who is the training for?

Are you involved in the business's work around problems, improvement work, deviation management?

Do you work in the quality or technology function?

Is the handling of data included in any way in your job or are you interested in concepts such as Lean, Six Sigma or Scrum?

If so, this basic training in statistics is valuable for you.






The course is made up of 7 lessons where we mix media to reach all learning styles.

Embedded in these 7 lessons we find texts, images, and videos that give a clear picture of the different parts of the course.

In this course, for example, we have 2.5 effective video hours divided into 28 videos. The lessons end with question blocks that ensure the right level of knowledge for all course participants.

Other course information

Here are additional facts about the course that may be useful to know:

The course contains questionnaires to ensure the correct level of knowledge

Contains data material that may be freely downloaded and used

This course is part of the ”Six Sigma Green-Belt” course package

No prior knowledge is required as this is a basic course in statistics

After completing the course, course participants receive a diploma

Estimated time required 8 hours (Effective time incl. exercises)

The course is deductible if it can be counted as continuing education in your company

The course is available for 30 days from the date of purchase

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