Six-Sigma Basic Course

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The Six-Sigma concept was created in the early 1980s and has since been used to effectively and sustainably eliminate serious business disruptions. The concept, which was initially focused on the manufacturing industry, is now widespread in various industries. Six-Sigma is a results-oriented concept with a clear structure, defined roles and knowledge levels. The work within Six-Sigma is conducted in project form and with clear leadership. The Six-Sigma projects use the popular DMAIC model and in this course we build up a detailed insight into all phases of the model.

The course, which is an updated version of two previously separate educations, gives the course participant good knowledge in the methodology and creates the right conditions for continued work in the area. This course can be completed as a separate education or as part of a larger course package.

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From the content:

  • Introduction
    • The basics of Six-Sigma
    • History & Development
    • Variations
    • Leadership
  • Structure
    • Infrastructure
    • Roles within Six-Sigma
  • Problem solving
    • Tools, Analyzes and Graphs
  • Implement
    • Step-By-Step
    • Competence levels
  • Project
    • How we choose projects
    • Project tools
    • Reporting
    • Overall about the project model
    • Define
    • Measure
    • Analyze
    • Improve
    • Control

Course information: 

  • The course contains questionnaires
  • The course contains material that may be downloaded and used by the course participant
  • The course requires registration (for invoice purchases, the registration is handled by Analysverkstan AB)
  • No previous knowledge required
  • After completing the course, course participants receive a diploma
  • Active time consumption is estimated at about 8 hours
  • We recommend that you set aside 2-3 days to be able to take part in the course in the best possible way
  • The course is deductible if it can be counted as continuing education in your company
  • The course is available for 30 days from the time the purchase is completed

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