Minitab Basic Course

The course gives you a good insight into the software. We go through the structure of the system and at the same time show functions that you can benefit from in your business

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Our digital courses

We start with some brief information about the format of this education. This is a digital course with pre-recorded material. This means that you can complete this course whenever you want and wherever you are if you have access to an internet connection. The advantages of a digital course are several. You decide the pace yourself and can pause and repeat sections if necessary. Your level of knowledge is continuously verified with built-in questionnaires.

The course includes downloadable material that will help you during and after the course implementation. In most courses, there are also exercises that we first go through and which you can then repeat as needed.

Intro video (Minitab Basic Course)

Analysera avvikelser

Previously advanced and time-consuming analyzes can now be carried out quickly and easily

Many businesses have access to data but do not use it. The reasons can be several, but the lack of time and knowledge are often two factors. With good software and a little training, we can change this!


Create reports that are easy to understand!

Creating an analysis is relatively simple, but putting together a customized report that the organization can understand quickly and easily requires more time and knowledge.

Minitab Basic course helps you:

What is included in the course?

This course is created to give the course participant good conditions in the software. We focus on structure.  

The course consists of several videos, images, and associated text where we go through the system and its possibilities. 

With the help of exercises, we demonstrate good analyzes that you can use immediately after completing the course. The course material also includes a compendium and a data file that the course participant can use during and after completing the training.



Many people use Excel to manage data. We show how to combine the software. In the introduction, we also show which settings you should have in the system.



There are many functions and choices that can be used. We show you the structure and how to find the most useful, basic functions of the system.



We have adapted the course and shown functions that we believe you should know at a basic level. You will learn to carry out a variety of analyses.



We learn best by doing ourselves. In the videos, we show the functions and how you use them. The course material then contains data so that you can repeat the exercises.



At the end of the course, we go through the different knowledge blocks. You have then created the necessary conditions to be able to use Minitab in your business.

Course content

  • Introduction to the software
    • Basic facts about the course
    • Introduction to the course portal
    • Review of course content
  • Block 1 – Design
    • Menus
    • Different views of the software
    • Structure
    • Support functions
    • Import / Export
    • Basic Settings
  •  Block 2 – Functions
    • Demonstration of statistical analysis as follows:
      • Descriptive statistics
      • Histogram
      • Box-Plot
      • Graphical Summary Report
      • Distribution control
      • Hypothesis Tests
      • ANOVA / ANOM
      • Control Charts
      • Capability Analysis
    • Editing graphs in Minitab
  • Block 3 – Use
    • Repetition of functions with the help of exercises
  • Summation
    • The course is summed up
    • Diploma

For whom is the training suitable?

The Minitab Basic Course is an e-learning course for those who have recently invested in or are considering purchasing the Minitab software.

New software usually means a lot of time for the user. You will learn how the software is structured, which functions are available and how to do things to find what you are looking for. For those who want to streamline learning and get started using the software as quickly as possible, this training is valuable.

In this course, we do not focus on statistical methods (the underlying factors/calculations for each analysis). This course is adapted to learn more about the software itself and how you can process data in the program. The course is conducted in the form of recorded videos, descriptive texts, and images. In addition to this, we have included exercises that course participants can follow and repeat if necessary.

If you don't already have Minitab, you can download a free 30-day version from the Minitab website, which allows you to apply what you've learned immediately. It is not a requirement that you have the software to complete this course, but it makes learning easier.

Other course information

Reviews from previous course participants

Adis Bajrektarevic
Produktionstekniker, AB Ludvig Svensson
Läs mer
Very good training where you can control yourself how much time you have/can spend during the day/week. A big plus is that everything is explained in a very educational way and that you can pause videos, check again if necessary and learn at your own pace.
Regina Paula
BS & Quality Director, Kubikenborg Aluminium AB
Läs mer
I completed the English version. Great material and easy explanation. Thanks!
Ann-Sofie Norling
Processutvecklare, ADMIN Konsult & Support
Läs mer
Linnéa Johansson
Global Logistics Engineer, Scania CV AB
Läs mer
Good basic course.
Fredrik Öhrström
Verksamhetsexpert, Migrationsverket
Läs mer
Thorough walkthrough on how to use Minitab.
Viktor Alvan Ahlinder
Verksamhetsexpert, Migrationsverket
Läs mer
Good course, smooth layout with simple video instructions and easy to navigate.
Servicechef, Företag i Grafiska branschen
Läs mer
Good basic course.
Bijan Habibi
Läs mer
Very rarely have I been surprised in terms of the content of a course/training but this training, its price, the friendliness and cooperation of the company in terms of availability are the exception. Really surprised by the planning and content of the course. If you want to learn Minitab from scratch, this training is for you. Highly recommend.

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