Root Cause Analysis Course Package 2

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In the second course package for root cause analysis, we have combined additional tools that broaden your knowledge. The purpose of the selected tools is to create choices for the working group. These methods differ from those you have already learned in course package 1. We now offer a leadership tool for how to work effectively with causes of human error. With the help of clear guidelines, the business can work out an approach that drives all employees towards the same goal. Deviations from this approach are handled with the help of the tool and the company-adapted guidelines.

The course package also includes a tool for mapping problem areas and possible causes. This tool can be used to advantage without system support, which creates flexibility and commitment in your workgroups.

Finally, we have also added a tool that you can use later in the process when we will seek solution proposals for the established causes. We have developed the course package to be industry-independent.

Just like in course package 1, this also includes adaptable forms and instructions for use that make it possible for you to get started immediately after completing the training. The education is based on the latest technology and is presented from the course participant’s perspective. We recommend that you first complete the root cause analysis course package 1 as a first step, before moving on to this course package.

With the help of these course packages, you will create the right conditions to be able to drive your improvement work in the right direction. You will work on the initial steps to really investigate the problem and its causes. The result is that you invest fewer resources later in the process and that the measures that are introduced have a good effect on the disruption of the business.

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From the content:

  • HERCA (Human Error Root Cause Analysis)
  • Affinity Diagram
  • Tree Chart
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Jan Waern
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Course information:

  • The course contains questionnaires
  • The course contains data material that may be downloaded and used by the course participant
  • The course requires registration (for invoice purchases, the registration is handled by us)
  • We recommend that you first complete the Root Cause Analysis Course Package 1, before proceeding to this training package
  • After completing the course, course participants receive a diploma
  • Active time consumption is estimated at 6 hours
  • We recommend that you set aside 1-2 days to be able to take part in the course in the best possible way
  • Language = English
  • The course is deductible if it can be counted as continuing education in your company
  • The course is available for 30 days from the time the purchase is completed