Root Cause Analysis Course Package 2

In this course package, you will learn additional tools that increase the opportunities to introduce good and sustainable improvements!

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We start with some brief information about the format of this education. This is a digital course with pre-recorded material. This means that you can complete this course whenever you want and wherever you are if you have access to an internet connection. The advantages of a digital course are several. You decide the pace yourself and can pause and repeat sections if necessary. Your level of knowledge is continuously verified with built-in questionnaires.

The course includes downloadable material that will help you during and after the course implementation. In most courses, there are also exercises that we first go through and which you can then repeat as needed.

Intro video (Root Cause Analysis Course Package 2)


Problem solving

Improvement work and deviation management always start with creating an understanding of what is causing the problem. This knowledge is then used to find and implement solutions that have an effect on the business.

Regardless of which industry, root cause analysis is important. In this work, different methods are used based on the nature and complexity of the case. Knowing and being able to use a tool is good, but having access to several creates commitment and increases the possibility that the working group will succeed!

Tools included in the course package


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How do we deal with human error?

HERCA (Human Error Root Cause Analysis). With knowledge of this leadership tool, we can find the causes behind the human error.


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Leave the computer in the office

Everyone in the working group contributes. Unlike many other tools, the analysis is performed without system support. Visualize your problem areas or your possible causes and prioritize them in a logical order.


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Choose the right activity

We follow up on selected causes by evaluating the efficiency and feasibility. We leave the computer in favor of more traditional working methods.

Description of course structure

In the second course package for root cause analysis, we have combined additional tools that broaden your knowledge. The purpose of the selected tools is to create options for the working group. These methods differ from the ones you already learned in course package 1. We now offer a leadership tool for how to work effectively in searching for causes of human error. With the help of clear guidelines, the business can develop an approach that drives all employees towards the same goal. Deviations from this approach are handled using the tool and company-specific guidelines.

The course package also includes a tool for mapping problem areas and possible causes. This tool can be advantageously used without system support, which creates flexibility and engagement in your workgroups.

In conclusion, we have also included a tool that you can use later in the process when we will seek solutions to the determining causes. We have developed the course package to be industry-independent.

Just like in course package 1, this also includes customizable forms and user manuals that enable you to get started immediately after completing the training. The training is based on the latest technology and is prepared from the perspective of the course participant. We recommend that you first complete “Root Cause Analysis Course Package 1” as a first step, before moving on to this course package.

With the help of packages 1 and 2, you will create the right conditions to be able to drive your improvement work in the right direction. You will work on the initial steps to investigate the problem and its causes. The result is that you invest fewer resources later in the process and that the measures introduced have a good effect on business disruptions.

Other course information:

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Customer reviews

The course package is completely new and we have not offered the HERCA tool before. The Affinity Diagram and the Tree Chart are, however, updated courses where we have collected reviews over the years. Below are previous reviews from course participants on these courses.

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