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We start with some brief information about the format of this education. This is a digital course with pre-recorded material. This means that you can complete this course whenever you want and wherever you are if you have access to an internet connection. The advantages of a digital course are several. You decide the pace yourself and can pause and repeat sections if necessary. Your level of knowledge is continuously verified with built-in questionnaires.

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Intro video

What can we expect from the process?

Control charts are an analysis used to study how a process works over time. By evaluating collected facts in a chart, you can conclude whether the process variation is consistent (within control) or is unpredictable (out of control) and affected by particular causes of variation.

Some areas of use

1) Management of ongoing processes
2) Predict the expected outcome from the process
3) The assessment of the process stability
4) Analyze process patterns and variations
5) Determining a current state or a changed state
6) Before a "Capability Analysis"

Course content

minitab control chart

Course structure

The course is divided into 4 lessons which together contain 20 videos.

The course is built on different media. Among other things, we have about 2 hours of effective video time where we go through functions and show several examples.

Other course information

Customer reviews

We continuously collect reviews from course participants and these are published on the website. Below you can see reviews connected to the Minitab Control Chart course.

Linnéa Johansson
Global Logistics Engineer, Scania CV
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Good overview of the different functions and why you should use different parts each.
Magnus Andersson
Produktionstekniker, VCE
Läs mer
Clear and easy to follow instructions and practice examples.
Maria Ingemarsdotter
Kvalitetsingenjör, LKAB
Läs mer
Easy and useful tool for statistics.
Burak Ocakli
Process Engineer, VCE
Läs mer
Very good course.
Adis Bajrektarevic
Produktionstekniker , AB Ludvig Svensson
Läs mer
As good as it gets. All the films are made in a truly educational way and you learn a tremendous amount from them.
Göran Månsson
Development engineer, Permobil
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I think this part was very good. Now I got to see several good examples that I can use in my job.

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